FW 15-16 : Wanted


Play with me if you can.
Lets play. For games sake. Lets put the cards on the table. Lets communicate, with an overdose of images. The new languages turn into consumption. Collections of symbols.

Text me if you can.
And if you know the song, I’m a Barbie girl, dress me of splendor, and

Dress me if you can.
You have to play. Dresses and plated are sublimed. From food to junk. We love chic junk food. From traditional to luxurious.

You have to feed me, if you can.
Even more. A rainbow of desire. Wrap me of craving-colored packagings. 

And eat me if you can.
Then love me if you can.

And give me a dollar, you have to pay me if you can.
But most of all smile, 

Smile at me if you can.