SS 14 : Beach Paradise


A wonderful voyage.

One island, then another, from Hawai to Tahiti, on a search for new treasures.
Psychedelic motifs of the ocean depths cloud up the map.
It certainly leads to idyllic beaches where sand is crystalline and shells are iridescent as precious gemstones.
Cascades of peals must flow out of a forgotten treasure chest.

In the distance, a bird takes flight, leaving behind a few multicolored feathers.
The forest seizes them, adorns itself with them, its leaves in the extraordinary looks.
Opulent, it showcases exotic flowers, amazingly colored jewels.
Suddenly, a tiger, appears and roars. In following its sorts, one must be able to find something …
The treasure is there, full of wonders. Bank notes from around the world mixing with colored gems and streams of pearls.

The voyage continues.