SS 15 : Nola


From Mississippi to bayou.

A jazzy air played in the background, colors everywhere, from fauna to flora, even the dollar note steps into the party.
George Washington puts his make up on, while the Carnaval, showing a multitude of vibrant shades,
splashes its colors on to the famous green note.

On Cajun territory where crayfishes are queens, pink flamingos present their variety of feathers.
In the meantime, the hamburger is no left over, especially when reinvented as a gem.
Wrapped in the most tasteful clothes, the menu become jewelry.

Further away, the time is slowing down.

Sunbeams coming down on us across dark and mysterious trees.
A glimpse of rare but precious flowers. 
Through that abundance, alligators in their camouflage clothing prowl around us.

A symbol of New Orleans, they swagger, showing off their perfectly symmetrical scales.
Sinuous, snakes weave in and out around a tree, around a neck.
Their dazzling colors reming us of precious stone, a topaz, a ruby. We are dreaming to wear them on our arms.

From Bayou to jewels.